Flint Small Business Saturday



Sold out

1-6ft Table and 1-Chair
1-Swag Bag
1-Ticket Flint Small Business Saturday Breakfast
1-Entry $200 Small Business Giveaway (Announced at Saturday Breakfast)

Vendor Info

1-day event (8’X8’ space)

• Sub-letting or transfer of booth space is not allowed.
• Booth space includes display and storage, which cannot extend beyond assigned tent space.
• The festival does not allow the use of generators.
• Any vendor cooking with an open flame must have a flame-retardant canopy.
• All display and selling areas must be placed within your purchased space. Additional items must be removed or not visible to the public at all.
• This is a family event. No flammable or harmful items may be displayed.
• No booth sharing is allowed.
• Each vendor is responsible for securing their booth.
• I'm Building Something Consulting, LLC or Word Of Life Christian Church is not responsible for any loss or theft incurred by any vendor.
• Vendors are responsible for leaving their space clean after the event.
• Vendor must notify us immediately of cancellation. No refunds will be granted for cancellations

Rules and Regulations
All vendors must abide by rules & regulations. Failure to comply may result in the closing down of your operation during the event until in compliance.
• Vendor MUST be within the location at all times. Vendor applicant will be held responsible for any and all infractions at their location.
• I'm Building Something Consulting, LLC or Word Of Life Christian Church or any event sponsors are not responsible for accidents or stolen items.
• Unruly behavior by vendors or their assistants (including intoxication, verbal abuse, or threatening behaviors) will not be tolerated and are cause for immediate removal from the grounds.
• All food vendors are responsible for obtaining the necessary permits through the Michigan Health Department. Genessee County Health Department may be on site during the event for mandatory health inspections and will close any vendor that does not meet its requirements.
• All food vendors are required to provide evidence of liability insurance coverage at time of confirmation. Liability insurance papers MUST be submitted to by October 25, 2019 at 4:30pm. If proof of liability insurance has not been submitted it will result in cancellation of vendor confirmation.
• All food vendors who cook with propane will have a 5 lb., Multipurpose, ABC, or BC fire extinguisher readily available. The fire extinguisher must be inspected and tagged within the past year.
• Propane cylinders must be stored in an upright and secured position.
• No open flames such as candles, lanterns, kerosene or gas fired heaters and cooking equipment are permitted near or under combustible materials (i.e. canopies).
• Hot surfaces from cooking and heating appliances, such as grills, hot plates and coffee makers, must be blocked so that the public is protected from physical contact with these appliances.
• Exit door and aisles in the event must be unobstructed to the vendors at all times.
• Deep fryers must have splash covers.
• An on-site inspection of vendor’s space will be conducted by a member of the event team.

If you have any questions concerning these requirements, please call I'm Building Something Consulting, LLC or email

Vendor, its officers, and members shall hold harmless and defend I'm Building Something Consulting, LLC, and its agents, officers and volunteers from all liability, judgments, suits, costs and actions, including attorneys’ fees and all costs of litigation of every kind and description brought or rendered against Flint Small Business Saturday, I'm Building Something Consulting, LLC or Word of Life Christian Church as a result of loss, damage, or injury of persons or property by reason of any act of failure to act by its officers, members or volunteers.

You will be required to additionally sign Liability Agreement the day of the event. By purchasing your vendor space through this website you agree to above listed terms.